Theatre Museum Ukiyo-e Viewing System - Update History

Last update 2007.10.18

2007.10.18 The newly designed version was officially made available for public access.
2007.08.06 A malfunction in "All item" search was repaired.
2006.08.24 The data were updated (with 436 more materials added).
2005.05.30 The data were updated (with overlapping records eliminated).
2005.05.12 The data were updated.
2004.03.31 The data were updated.
2003.03.19 A malfunction of the detailed description page (black background display function) was repaired.
2003.01.22 The data were updated. 60 new materials were added.
One image of sugoroku-e (board game print) was added.
2002.11.01 20 images of sugoroku-e (board game print) were added.
2002.09.05 The "Remarks on the set" item was eliminated from search results display.
2002.08.27 The data were updated.
The preliminary site was discontinued.
2002.06.24 The data were updated.
2002.04.27 The data were updated.
2002.03.26 The data were updated.
The malfunction of the preliminary site that failed to display thumbnail images was repaired.
2001.09 The Ukiyo-e search system was made available for public access.
The data were updated every two months after made available for public access.
The search and display interfaces were modified as required.

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