Theatre Museum Ukiyo-e Viewing System - Notice on the Use

[ Introduction ]
The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University houses an extensive collection of around 47,000 ukiyo-e prints that has been built on the basis of the collection of the museum's founder, Dr. Shoyo Tsubouchi. The majority of the ukiyo-e prints are "yakusha-e," kabuki-themed works depicting actors and theatres, and the museum's collection of this genre of ukiyo-e is the largest in the world.
The Ukiyo-e Viewing System allows users to search and view digital images and bibliographical data (production date, explanation, etc.) of all the ukiyo-e prints in the museum's collection.
The bibliographical data are developed by the team for Actor Portraits Research, one of the research projects currently under way at the museum, who are making utmost efforts to provide the most accurate information for academic use possible by, for example, carefully comparing each ukiyo-e with kabuki performance materials, including banzuke (playbills), shohon/daicho (playbooks) and hyobanki (reviews). However, the investigation is still half way through, and the data are not complete yet. Data must therefore be checked for accuracy by the user. The museum accepts no responsibility for inaccurate information.
[ Name of the system ]
Theatre Museum Ukiyo-e Viewing System
[ Users ]
General public
[ Statement of responsibility ]
[ Terms and Conditions of Use and Disclaimer (Read before use.) ]
  • The research function can be used by anyone for non-commercial purposes. However, the duplication, republication, forwarding, redistribution or modification of the contents, whether image or text, is not permitted without prior consent of the museum. Please consult the museum if you wish to use the data for other purposes than personal and non-commercial academic use, to which separate rules apply.
  • The investigation results and other data shown in this system are copyrighted content. All research products quoting any part of the data of this system must refer to this system as the source of the data in accordance with prevailing ethical practices.
  • It is the user's responsibility to determine the reliability and accuracy of search results and descriptions therein, and none of Waseda University, the Theatre Museum or the Actor Portraits Research Project Team guarantee the reliability and accuracy of any search results and descriptions therein. Neither Waseda University, the Theatre Museum nor the Actor Portraits Research Project Team assume any liability for any damage that may result from the use of the search function and search results of this system.
[ Viewing of original materials ]
All the materials displayed as digital images on this system are owned by the museum. To ensure preservation of these original materials, they are not available for public perusal at the museum.
[ Outline of functions ]
  • All search results can be displayed in the form of thumbnails, a brief description or thumbnails + a brief description. The form can be changed after the search results are displayed.
  • Clicking on an image or material number will bring up an enlarged view of that image and detailed description.
  • Clicking on a term appearing in the information of the search results will enable you to do another search on the term. You can also narrow down your search or change the sort order of search results.
  • When the material has ihan (different edition(s) of a print made from altered or repaired woodblocks) or is one of kumimono (a series of works with a common theme) or tsuzukimono (a series of works with a common subject), the other edition(s) or work(s) in the same set can also be displayed on the same screen.

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